Bornholm Day 1: The Greenest Place in the World

My name is Jennifer LeRose and I am a horrible biker.  But, that did not deter me from signing up to participate in the “most beautiful biking trail adventure in all of Denmark.”

IMG_0141_2 IMG_0142_2

Our adventure began on an overnight fairy. I thought we would be in a rowboat type thing, so I was initially pleasantly surprised when we pulled up to the dock.  We departed from Copenhagen at 11pm and arrived in the island of Bornholm 6:30am. The idea was to sleep as much as possible on the ferry so we would be prepared for a full day of biking.  Unfortunately for my sleep, I was in a room with two little monsters children.  They were screaming and running up and down the aisles the entire time. And they had a dog that was equally as annoying.  However, when we saw the land that we would be exploring, our moods improved significantly.

IMG_0223 IMG_0157_2

The paths were all so beautiful, even though my friends and I had to walk up some of the larger hills.  Unlike Copenhagen, there were many challenging hills, but I’ve never seen so much beautiful shades of green in my life.

IMG_0225 IMG_0153_2

It was truly beautiful and so peaceful; the pictures do no justice.  However, we decided to veer from the main roads to “create our own adventure.”  Little did we know that our journey would turn into a four and a half hour nightmare.  It started raining and the temperature plummeted. We were desperate to get back, but the roads we were on were not on our map. Thank goodness for iPhones (and roaming plans..). Otherwise, we would probably still be in farmland.


On our way back to civilization, we kept biking past these fields with endless yellow flowers. I don’t remember the name, but the island is famous for these fields.  For as far as I could see, there were flowers.  It was so unique and pretty.

 IMG_0175_2 IMG_0173_2 IMG_0188_2


When we returned, we decided to go for a hike (partly because we wanted to explore, and partly because it’s socially unacceptable to go to bed at 1:00 pm.. which is when we returned to town).  The trial was along the coastline and was absolutely breathtaking.  We tried venturing out onto the top rock for a better view, and saw a seagull cawing.  Because I am from Chicago, and not one with nature, I was joking that we should caw back as a joke.  Then, a bunch of other birds started to dive bomb us. They were literally going for our heads.  We ran as fast as we could back to town.  We later found out that we were invading their nesting territory.


After our terrifying and physically exhausting day, we treated ourselves to handmade, organic chocolate. It was the best chocolate I have ever had.  I tried to bring some back with me for my friends, but I devoured it on the way back to the city!


Overall, my friends and I were initially bummed about not seeing the sites the first days, like caves and cliffs. But we realized that we had an adventure, rather than seeing monuments . We coined the mantra “we’re here for an experience not a site!” I really enjoyed my first day in this picturesque part of Denmark!


3 thoughts on “Bornholm Day 1: The Greenest Place in the World

  1. So glad you had your phones. Sounds like quite an adventure, and you are correct, it should not be about the sites, but the adventure. Glad you are safe and sound, and had such a great time. xoxo

  2. Love the pix and stories, Jenn! Love the story about the birds and you being in their nesting area–oh gosh! Surprised you ate all the chocolate and didn’t save any for me or your Mom. Hopefully they have just a great chocolate at the airport when you leave and can pick some up then! Take care!

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